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In memoriam:
NICK SOLIDAY was Snow In Africa

Nick Soliday
Bono (U2) & Nick Soliday

My journey continues at

Way before covid, I formed a band with players from various countries. SNOW IN AFRICA. Band toured the U.S.A. Fans grew. Covid came.

Band stopped.

30,000+ Facebook Fans here & there  Nick Soliday and his band 

Bono personally told me I should climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. It's fun.

Google nick soliday

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Nick is currently playing solo & semi-acoustically throughout FLORIDA. Find out where.

NOTE: The continent of Africa is often referred to as the birthplace of humankind & rhythm. It is also the hottest continent on the planet. But oddly enough, there is snow in Africa 24/7 on Mt. Kilimanjaro. SNOW IN AFRICA

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