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In memoriam: NICK SOLIDAY was Snow In Africa

Nick S cropped.jpg

Way before covid, Nick formed a band with players from various countries. SNOW IN AFRICA. Band toured the U.S.A. Fans grew. Covid came.

Band stopped.

Nick's new music persona is


YOU are invited to be part of his ongoing music adventure at 

Visit his site and send him a message about which of the songs he writes are your favorites. 20 are up.


Singer / Songwriter Nick Soliday is a rebellious music creator and performer who writes powerful songs that share the feelings we all experience in relationships, love and life.

RIDDLE: What speaks 67 languages, is from over 100 countries and lives in 1,500+ cities?  Answer: Fans of singer/songwriter NICK SOLIDAY. His words & music have touched the hearts of fans worldwide."If you've seen Nick perform LIVE you were blown away."

For touring preparation, Nick is currently playing acoustically throughout FLORIDA. Find out where.

NOTE: The continent of Africa is often referred to as the birthplace of humankind & rhythm. It is also the hottest continent on the planet. But oddly enough, there is snow in Africa 24/7 on Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is melting due to the world's changing climate??? Hence, Nick's last band name SNOW IN AFRICA > his way of making a personal statement. 

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