Nick Soliday



 Nick Soliday writes about LOVE and PAIN 

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>>>  At the end of Better Left Unsaid (around 3:00) the crowd started yelling for an encore.  Awesome. 

Nick Soliday 

 Nick Soliday writes about LOVE and PAIN 

Nick Soliday is SNOW IN AFRICA

Why are Nick’s songs starting to touch people everywhere -- crossing boundaries, nationalities and cultures?  Because his edgy style, songs and band are like no other.  Plus, there seems to be a growing hunger for what Nick Soliday does.  The global appeal & originality of his sound, music and lyrics has helped him grow pockets of fans in over 100 countries & 1500 cities around the world.  This is only the beginning of something very electrifying.

A music secret that started in Los Angeles is spreading worldwide. That secret is Nick Soliday:  an amazing & rebellious young American singer/songwriter and recording artist who goes by the band name SNOW IN AFRICA. Nick writes his own original fusion of hip hop/alternative/pop/rock.


Nick’s performances are exhilarating and passionate, whether in big concerts with his band or in intimate venues for his solo performances.

SOMETIMES - Dream Video

Watch the past & future of Nick Soliday aka SNOW IN AFRICA

English lyrics with Japanese translation

CHEMICALS by Nick Soliday

("LIVE" acoustic version)