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<<<  At the end of Better Left Unsaid (around 3:00) the crowd started yelling for an encore.  Awesome. 


A music secret is being discovered in Los Angeles that is spreading worldwide. That secret is Nick Soliday:  an amazing & rebellious young American singer/songwriter and recording artist. Nick goes by the band name SNOW IN AFRICA and creates his own brand of hip hop/alternative/pop/rock.


Nick has a fat catalogue of unreleased songs -- the ones here are just the tip of the iceberg.  He is working to plant his musical seed in your heart & brain, so you get hooked.  It seems to be working.


The intense fire of life’s detours helped forge Nick’s steely persistence & creativity.  He is a hot-blooded multi-instrumentalist with an attitude and temperament that makes his songwriting, lyrics, and musical style emotionally unpredictable and exciting.


Nick’s performances are exhilarating and entertaining, whether in big concerts with his band or in intimate venues for his solo performances.

Why are Nick’s songs starting to touch people everywhere -- crossing boundaries, nationalities and cultures?  Because his edgy style, songs and band are like no other.  Plus, there seems to be a growing hunger for what Nick Soliday does.  The global appeal & originality of his sound, music and lyrics has helped him grow pockets of fans in over 100 countries & 1500 cities around the world.  This is only the beginning of something very electrifying.  SNOW IN AFRICA.

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"I’m not usually into Rock, Pop & Indie music but your shit is pretty awesome :)"  Tel Aviv, Israel


“Hey Nick...'Sometimes' is a great tune!!"  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  

“MAN, your music ROCK!”  Sao Paulo, Brazil  


"SNOW IN AFRICA's show last night still has me walking a full foot above the ground... I can't think of the last time I saw a band play a 90 minute set in the Viper Room either."  Los Angeles, CA, USA  


“lovin the tunes!  awesome…  when u gracing us with ur presence in the UK!”


"Snow In Africa just gave a stellar show & an unexpected acoustic final number... rocked this room like I've never seen!!!  I'm excited to watch this band blow the F¡*€ up!!!"  (House of Blues)  California, USA  


"Just met you guys today @ sound great. When you sounded like the band was pumpin' from a radio in high def. I bought your CD..."  Florida, USA


"Man oh man your music hit me like a freight train”  Tennessee, USA  

"we can't stop the rain, I listened to it so many times til I remember the lyrics! Really great song and the vocal's voice is so dreamy. I like the story of the song ^_^ "  Japan  

“I heard your new songs and I like them.  They are really different than the others and i like to sing along everytime i hear them.. Yoy make wonderful music.  I don’t speak allot in English so I realy don’t know how to discribe it anything else than Fantastic.. It gives me a feeling like: familiar with a whole new turn, in a very good way.  love, Lizzy”   Netherlands